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Joe Gatford


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Joe was born and raised in Brighton and is a Sussex County professional cricket coach. He attended art school in his younger years, where he learnt all the classical skills of drawing and painting, especially in oil. Most of his earlier career was nevertheless focused on. sports, but through his fascination for the world of comics, games and fandom, art has once again become an outlet for his focus and concentration. He works in pencil and pastels, drawing characters from the fantasy worlds of Game of Thrones, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings as well as iconic figures such as David Bowie, Tupac or Amy Whinehouse. He also uses oil paint to create incredibly lifelike portraits, landscapes and anything he turns his brushes to.

Joe was the winner of Best Human Form in the Art Means Business awards in 2016. He recently completely a large fresco style oil painting of Game of Thrones and an oversized graffiti style mural for a local art collector.