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Art Services

Art Services - Bailey Contemporary Arts

Corporate Identity

We can create or source art pieces that reflect, illustrate or depict your identity as a business, including your logo.

Our in house artists and designers can advise you and with a product portfolio ranging from logo keyrings or cufflinks,silver or glass, to engraving on wood, metal or stone, we are bound to have an idea that will suit your needs and your budget.

Print and framing services

Print Services to complement colour schemes

Framed, good quality prints can be a perfecly adequate and sometimes more affordable option. Most of our artists are happy for prints to be made of their sold originals. This can also allow for colour matching and can work with your interior design, whether home or office.

Artwork Rental

Hotels, waiting or hospitality areas, conference or function rooms and offices often benefit from appropriate artwork to create an atmosphere or simply enhance the decor but trends and needs can change fast. We work with you to determine the most suitable style and method, even organise a regular rotation.


Portraits of loved ones, pets or celebrities – for home or business

Portraits are a perfect addition to a professional interior design, but will add a personal emotive dimension to any interior. They can also create a more intimate atmosphere in a corporate environment.

We have a number of artists working in different styles and media, to create traditional or contemporary portraits of pets, people or even cars!

Art in Context

Art consultation service for home or business

We offer a consultation service and we can come to you with a selection of pieces to try art in situ. We can also use software that allows you to see any piece on your wall, even if you are not local to us.