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  • Jun192017

    Painting the human body as it really is!

    “This is who we are” Painting the Reality of Human Bodies In an era obsessed with the pursuit of perfection,…

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  • May142017

    Art from the Worst Place on Earth

    Rob Will has been on death row in Texas, in a 6×3 ft cell for 23 hours a day with no human contact, for 17 years, claiming his innocence. With no materials other than a biro, the odd kids’ crayon and the letters he receives, he has created art and poetry almost daily.

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  • Apr292017

    Open Evening – 4th May 2017

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  • Apr152017

    “There should be no mystery to getting started as an artist…”

    Interview with Peter Spence Peter Spence’s path is that of many of his peers in abstract expressionism. He started with…

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  • Apr052017

    Peter Spence – Exhibition

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